FKT: Debbie Livingston, Scott Livingston - Metacomet - Timberlin Loop (CT) - 2021-04-11

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Mixed-gender team
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2h 47m 53s
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We did the Metacomet - Timberlin Loop for the first time. We loved the loop and we especially liked starting on Edgewood Road and going counter-clockwise. We have been on this section of the New England Trail several times, but had never done the Metacomet Loop with the Metacomet Connector Trail (Red/Blue). We were last on this gnarly section of the Metacomet last June when we did the entire New England Trail. You can read about today's run here. Our 2020 NET report is here

It was much easier running through Hubbard Park on fresh legs. The West Peak/East Peak combo just might have the most rocky trail in Connecticut. If it isn't on the top of the list, it is certainly high on the list. Anyway, check this loop out. I would like to return and run it solo and see how much lower I can go. Given the fast Metacomet Connector Trail and the road sections, a "real" runner could smash this one.