FKT: Debbie Livingston - Tri-State Tri-Mountain Loop (NY, CT, MA) - 2022-05-13

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2h 40m 48s

I had been looking to run this loop as I wanted some good miles with good vert. The day started quite warm because I couldn't drive out until after my kids got on the bus. It took me a while to get into a "push" type of mood but started feeling good about 3 miles in. Early on I wasn't paying attention and turned on to the campsite trail instead of the Paradis Trail, duh! Corrected that right away. Then where the Paradis Trail connects to the AT GPS does not match up with the trail but it's is close enough. The trails were very dry but also overgrown on the Frissell side. Got a crown going down from Bear and kept barreling to the finish. I was drenched in sweat. Glad I wore my 2L pack. I needed all the water due to the early season heat.