FKT: Dennis Vandenbussche - Groene Gordel Brugge (Belgium) - 2021-01-29

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 27m 15s

Followed the official signed route from Groene Gordel Brugge | Brugse Ommeland (please note that the current GPX on the FKT page is incorrect - the official route, which is about 52 to 53km passes Bruges via the north directly towards Damme if you run clockwise (or in the other direction towards Varsenare).

Start at 11:15 and Finish at 15:42 in Oostkamp on Jan 29, 2021 (run clockwise). Solo-run ! Heavy wind and some rain in Damme made it tough but with 10°C and a lot of oxygen in the air, I was able to carry all water and gels with me without ever needing to stop (not even a bio stop :)). Also lucky with train crossings and green lights all the way on the route, losing very little to no time.

Admin note:  Dennis' Strava track shows a gap of about 800m between his starting and ending points, but this is a GPS error (time to acquire the satellites).  The overall elapsed time is correct.