FKT: Derrick Wess - London Underground Jubilee Line - 2023-09-10

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8h 36m 7s
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It probably wasn't the best of ideas to attempt to set this FKT during a heat wave. For the most part, the heat took it's toll and I consumed more water than I think I've ever consumed during a running endeavour. 

A big difference between running this before (in 2020) and this FKT attempt was being able to go through where The Hive London Stadium is situated. This small part of pathway was closed during the pandemic, and for anyone looking to do this during the nighttime, it will probably be the same. Luckily, I'd gone during the day, so it was refreshing to not take the longer way around. 

The route all went to plan apart from when I got into the city and the GPS would lose the connection, meaning I had to stop several times to find my bearings and ensure that I was not going the wrong way. Making my way from Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf was incredibly frustrating, having to glance between the route on my phone and Google Maps so that I didn't veer too much off the route. This had to happen again once I was in Canary Wharf where frustrations continued in the form of building words and diversions from the route I'd run before. Panicking that this would mean that an attempt at setting this FKT was in jeopardy, I found another way back onto the route that had been created. This was echoed en route to North Greenwich where there was a diversions for pedestrians to get to the train station from the Thames Path. 

All in all, it wasn't the best of experiences with the heat and diversions. Maybe I'll have another go at reducing the time in the future.