FKT: Devon Colegrove - Coyote Ridge Loop (CO) - 2021-01-24

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1h 10m 7s
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I started from the sign right by the parking lot of Coyote Ridge. I cruised up to the ridge and then back down and up the Rim Rock Trail. At one point the trail isn't marked and you can go left or straight right before the Rim Rock Trail meets up with the Blue Sky Trail. I assumed the route went straight so that's which way I went. It ends up being an extra .2 miles when taken as a roundtrip. (.1 out and .1 in). I still beat the best previous time, but am not sure if it should be counted as a variation. Besides that I was on route the whole way. I didn't take my phone or even my keys since I knew I wouldn't be out too long. The weather was really nice and the trail was clear for January. I ran in a t-shirt, sleeves, and gloves.