FKT: Devon Colegrove, David Smith - Six Lake Loop, RMNP (CO) - 2023-09-01

Route variation
Standard loop
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3h 32m 50s
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I was motivated to check this out as I had only been to 2 of these 6 lakes previously. Despite the fact that Devon thinks it's a little "contrived", it made for a nice morning jogging around in the mountains catching up on life. We (well, mostly Devon) took it easy as it was supposed to be a road marathon training run for him, but overall a great tour of some popular and less popular lakes in the park. We did  Clockwise starting from fern lake trailhead hitting: Cub Lake, Lake Bierstadt, Lake Bear, Lake Helene, Odessa Lake, and Fern Lake.

Highlights for me:

Elk on the trail that wouldn't move

Cub lake at sunrise

Bierstadt lake w 3 moose in it (and hadn't seen any people at this point)

Fern Creek falls down was a really pleasant downhill (I learned I'm more of a downhill kind of athlete on this run)