FKT: Devon Yanko, Nathan Yanko - Rae Lakes Loop (CA) - 2014-08-04

Route variation
from Roads End
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Finish date
Total time
10h 7m 0s

Yesterday August 4, my husband Nathan and I ran the Rae Lakes loop starting and ending at Road's End going clockwise. We started at 8:19am and finished at 6:26 pm, for a time of 10h07m. I think since this would establish the women's FKT by me (Devon Yanko) as there seems to be no recorded time previously.
I wore a Suunto GPS watch which died at 24.5 miles (curses!!)-(here is the link for partial loop:, but there is no way out of the wilderness other than completing the loop. I took video of our finish time with the sign, etc and will be posting a blog about it when I can. This loop is amazing and beautiful, glad we stopped along the way to take photos. I hope that more people will go out and try this loop as it is challenging but totally doable in the day light. I can see why Leor took so much time off his two attempts!
Devon Yanko