FKT: Doug McKeever - North Cascades Traverse (WA) - 1987-09-13

Gender category
Route variation
single traverse
Finish date
Total time
9h 18m

This is sort of late, but while reading about recent FKT I saw the link to the North Cascades traverse. As my first long run in the mountains, I ran the route described but easterly from Hannegan trailhead to Ross Dam trailhead on September 13, 1987, unsupported and solo ( well, Audrey drove me to the starting point and picked me up at the end????). My total time was 9 hours 18 minutes. My splits: 52 minutes to Hannegan Pass, 3:29 to Whatcom Pass (where I had to detour around a large black bear who wasn't about to step aside from gorging on huckleberries along the trail),5:14 to Beaver Pass,9:18 to Ross Dam trailhead on Highway 20.
I note that Luke D. did the route with the bonus of Copper Ridge. Although I didn't include the Copper Ridge section on the run on Sept. 13, 1987, but on October 24, 1987, I ran just the 34 mile loop from Hannegan trailhead to Hannegan Pass, down Chilliwack River, up to Copper Ridge and back to Hannegan Pass and Hannegan trailhead in 7 hrs. 30 minutes. I have done that loop 4 other times but I think the first time was probably the quickest.

Doug McKeever [8/5/2015]