FKT: Drew Decker Humphreys - CT Appalachian Trail (CT) - 2019-06-12

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Standard route
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Total time
11h 59m

Northbound. Started the watch at 6:59 AM standing on the pavement of Hoyt Rd directly across from the northbound trailhead with the "Welcome to Connecticut: Gateway to New England" sign. Ended at the Sages Ravine Brook Crossing, just after crossing to the north side of the brook and reaching the "Welcome to Massachusetts" sign. The time stamp on the video of the brook crossing was 6:57 PM, so I crossed the brook at 6:57 PM or 6:58 PM.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019, I ran from the pavement of Hoyt Rd (6:59 AM start) to the Sages Ravine Brook crossing (6:57 PM or 6:58 PM) in about 11 hours and 59 minutes (this duration is on the high end of the uncertainty interval). That’s the whole CT section of the AT I believe. This was partially supported, since my brother was running with me for the first 22 miles, and he spent some of that time carrying my small pack that held a cell phone, gum, and a couple granola bars. Two days before the attempt (Monday, June 10, 2019), I personally left bags of food and water at 10 different road crossings along the section of trail. In this way the attempt was self-supported. The entire thing was meant to be self-supported at a team of two, but my brother dropped out after about 22 miles. For a good portion of the first 22 miles and for the entirety of the last 30 miles, I carried the pack. I'm providing a lot of information because I am not sure if this would count as supported or unsupported.

I tracked most of it on a Garmin GPS watch, but it ran out of battery at 4:10 PM. I have it tracked to that point, and have provided the two GPS files recorded from the watch. Then I took two time-stamped smartphone videos near the end. One was coming down Bear Mountain into Massachusetts (in case the real CT/MA border is used), and one was when I got to the Sages Ravine crossing and the CT:MA sign, and I crossed the brook to reach the "Welcome to Massachusetts" sign. I am providing this second video, because I think the brook crossing is the endpoint most people use for this section. The timestamp for the start of the video was 6:57 PM, but the actual stream crossing may have been at 6:58 PM. I have provided a screenshot of the iPhone timestamp on this video in the image section of this FKT submission.

I would also like to provide photos (and screenshots of their timestamps) of me on top of Bear Mountain (at 6:38 PM) and of my brother and I at Hoyt Rd just before we began (6:56 AM) However, the 4 MB limit on photos only let me upload one photo, and I thought that the ending time was the most important photo/screenshot to use.

Thanks to Tortuga and Flyby. We crossed paths 4 times and they told me about the records on this website. Good job on your mixed gender record, guys!