FKT: Drew Mueller - Greenstone Ridge Trail (MI) - 2016-05-31

Route variation
Greenstone Ridge - trail itself
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
8h 6m 34s

On 5/31/2016, I ran the Greenstone Ridge Trail unsupported from the Washington Creek trailhead to Lookout Louise in 8:09:41. My time to the Lookout Louise trail junction (the route Eric Charette ran in 2012) was 8:06:34, a new FKT for this trail. I was joined by my good friend Dr. Tim Lautz for the first few miles before he pulled up with a sore knee and eventually ran to Daisy Farm and Rock Harbor. 

We had perfect weather with temps in the mid-50's throughout the day. The trail had some mud, but less than anticipated given how much rain the island had received in the days before our run. I stopped once to fill my water bottles from a creek near Hatchet Lake (around mile 20). My splits for the day are as follows:

Ishpiming Point - 2:23
Mt Ojibway - 6:25
Lookout Louise trail junction - 7:01
Lookout Louise - 8:09

Im hindsight I should have kept splits per trail junctions, but I thought that the peaks marked on my map would be more obvious as I passed them. However, several were impossible to distinguish from the surrounding ridge line. I also should have recorded my time at the end of the Greenstone Ridge Trail rather than Lookout Louise. I am fine with my 'official' time being 8:09. The 8:06 came from Strava matching my run to the segment Eric created from his. 

Link to garmin data: