FKT: Dustin White - Sea to Sky Trail, Jenner Headlands (CA) - 2020-10-23

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2h 51m 16s

My family spent a few nights camping at nearby Salt Point State Park for my 40th birthday and since we were in the neighborhood I decided to give this route a go. I had briefly studied the route ahead of time, but never been on any part of the trail before - luckily it is very well marked and easy to follow, even when you are cross-eyed and anaerobic. Saw a handful of folks during the first ~2 miles, but after that it felt wonderfully remote and even a bit spooky. Lots of steep power-hiking mixed with running. Awesome views along the way until I was shrouded in heavy fog, and then that wonderful magical feeling emerging above the clouds toward the summit. I never felt great, but didn't blow up either - my blood sugar was not cooperating (I am a Type 1 Diabetic) and I ended up eating every gel and bar I brought to prevent it from dropping too low, but this made for an unhappy gut.

Note that Strava shows several folks have gone faster: