FKT: Dylan Cousins - "A Walk in the Park" (CO) - 2015-08-29

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8h 50m 47s

Yeeeeow! What a knee buster! Did this in 8:50:47 yesterday TH to TH. Unfortunately I had to start from Bear Lake, since GG was full at 5:45! For me, this was all new terrain from the time I left the Mixed Emotions area in Loch Vale to the topout of the SW ridge on Long's. It definitely is prudent to have climbed the Keyhole Ridge before trying to downclimb it.

I made virtually no large route finding errors (a small miracle) except getting back to Mill's Lake from Half Mountain when I hemmed and hawed about which choss gully to take. This probably only cost an extra five minutes.

This is an excellent trip and gives some excellent vantages into some not often seen places in the Park. Also gives some unique perspectives on places that we've all been many times.