FKT: Dylan Cousins - "A Walk in the Park" (CO) - 2016-09-19

Route variation
Standard route
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Finish date
Total time
7h 41m 21s

Another year, another go. Man, this thing is so classic. The SW ridge of Long's is sooo fun. I did the exact WITP again this time, but this will probably be the last. I think the west ridge of Pagoda is more aesthetic and direct, so I'll try that next go.

Changed beta mid-redpoint attempt and had some 5th class downclimbing to get into McHenry's notch. Forgot about the ramp description. This is a bit late in the year to do this as there was snow to dodge on Pagoda's north face and the Keyhole ridge. This certainly cost me a bit of time but not much.

For future speedsters: save some gas, and be careful coming down the north side of Storm - the talus is unconsolidated there, and you can really get some big ones moving.

Thatchtop 1:14
Powell 1:51
McHenry's 2:22
Cheifshead 3:1x
Pagoda 4:01
Longs 5:00:00
Storm 5:54
Half 6:47
GG TH 7:41:29