FKT: Dylan Doblar - Bobcat Ridge - 2024-06-05

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1h 24m 33s

what a fun way to celebrate global running day!  this was a really nice loop.  my plan was to do a ~30 minute moderate push on the way up and then cruise the downhill.  i got a little excited and went out a bit quicker than i had planned, so i dialed it back a bit after the first mile and a half, still working but keeping it sustainable.  the winding singletrack was nice and flowy on the descent, it's pretty gently graded and not too technical.  i lost about 23 seconds with a wrong turn down the power line trail with a couple miles to go, oh well.  i'm glad i had the route on my watch so i caught it early.  it was warmer than i had hoped, i think starting an hour or so earlier would have been a bit comfier.  i carried roughly 150 calories in about 300 mL of water, which i had nearly finished by the end.

it took me 1:24:33 round trip for the full route, starting and ending at the west edge of the parking lot.  1:24:23 for the strava segment.  i started and ended my watch down near the bathroom to make sure i got the segment, my total activity time was 1:25:20.