FKT: Eddie Vincent - Allan King Way (United Kingdom) - 2020-09-25

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Standard route
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Total time
7h 34m 30s
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I headed out early, solo, round 7.30am and the conditions were good, but it got very windy for most of the course (gusting from NE, and course was mostly N). I packed 2 litres of water and 2 lucozades and then a load of snacks. The course is very tricky to navigate as very few people use some of the sections, so I was using Viewranger for that on my phone. I took a small Anker charger which was perfect for charging both the phone and the Garmin 235. Having seen the great Supported attempt on this route, I was inclined to try it as parts of it are very local, but they are also neglected- stinging nettles and brambles being the main issues. Also quite a few gates and stiles as well as electric fences to duck under. I felt I was going ok, and did the first 26.2 in 4.10 which was a fair amount off my usual pace, but I ended up moving on, stopping a couple of times on the course to eat and drink what I had in my bag. I probably packed too much and I had at least a litre of water left at the end. I drove to the end of the course very early, looking to get a train to the start (Winchester to Portchester), but the trains were cancelled so I to get a taxi instead. I would not recommend trying this route without a very good way to navigate. I really would have liked to have got sub 9 minute miles on this, but in the end, it is what it is!