FKT: Eli Burakian - Cohos Trail (NH) - 2019-09-11

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4d 3h 21m 0s
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Eli had an InReach tracker during the hike.

From Instagram:  "Cohos Trail is done! And I squeaked in just under 100 hours, my personal goal. I will post more tomorrow about the whole trip. It was an incredible solitary experience. Also, it was extremely wet and I probably hiked half of the miles in the rain and lived in wet clothing most of the time.
This tracker was stopped a bit early (funny story) so official Cohos Trail Unsupported FKT is 99 hours and 21 minutes."

Trip report:


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Had a great time reading about your effort, Eli! Awesome job and will be a challenging effort to beat as a first established FKT! I will be attempting this unsupported FKT starting likely this Thursday, Sep 23rd 2021. I will also be headed north and will be following the same path and standards set by both you and Robert. Also like you, it appears I’m going to have a good bout of rain to get miserable with as well :-) Cheers! -Kevin