FKT: Elise Mordos - Hook Mountain Full Loop (NY) - 2020-06-13

Route variation
Standard Loop
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 7m 12s

A really beautiful route! Views of the Hudson are great, especially on days like today (mid-60s, moderate humidity and not a cloud in the sky). The parking lot is not exactly where it appears on the GPX file here. You'll need to watch for the sign at the end of the river path to make it back to the parking lot (you need to climb up the ridge to get there). Most of the climbing is in the first half of the route. The long path is technical in sections but largely runnable. The trip down the mountain to the river path is rocky and not as well marked as the long path is, and the slowest part of the route for me. The river path is fast! It is a gravel road with a few short climbs.