FKT: Elise Mordos - Murphy Loop, Canyonlands (UT) - 2021-02-27

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2h 1m 29s
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Completed on a cold Sat am in February. Route was entirely clear of ice and snow so conditions were fantastic to run a fast time. I had never been to Canyonlands before so I uploaded the route to my phone. I didn't have much difficulty finding the trail except in one spot on the ascent. Nonetheless, I checked my location a few times on my phone to make sure that I was going in the right direction because the cairns are relatively far apart after the cliff descent. There were also very few people on this trail so you have to rely on yourself for navigation. This time can definitely be bettered. I would advice scouting the course if you are going for a fast time unlike me since there are some areas that one could easily make a wrong turn on or find yourself off of the official trail.