FKT: Elizabeth Halleran - Mt Temple (AB, Canada) - 2019-07-28

Route variation
Duathlon from Banff
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
11h 28m 0s

On July 28, 2019, I left my home on Banff Ave at 6:13am with the intention of starting the aforementioned Mt Temple Duathlon from the town of Banff. After a flat bicycle tire around 2km in, I returned home, repaired the flat, and restarted the route from my home at 7:32am - which I am using as my start time for this activity. I finished the route at the McDonalds on Banff Ave at 6:59pm. I stopped and purchased food in Lake Louise during the outbound and return bike trips as well as at the Moraine Lake Trailhead after completing Mt Temple, so I am denoting this as "supported", though I didn't receive any additional aid. 

Mt Temple had snow/ice covered portions the final few hundred metres leading to the summit but I was able to summit without any traction devices or an ice axe thanks to soft snow in mid-day conditions with my timing. I did carry and wear a climbing helmet above Sentinel Pass.

My splits and elapsed time were as follows:
Banff Ave > Moraine Lake Trailhead Cycle - 3:54:39, started 7:32 am
Mt Temple - SW Ridge Route, TH to TH - 3:58:21, started 11:42 am
Moraine Lake Trailhead > Banff Ave - 3:03:50, started 3:55 pm

Obviously credit goes to Tom Amaral for inspiring this route

I got some photos from a group of climbers emailed to me a while after I submitted this FKT. They give a good idea of conditions on top of Mt Temple that day.