FKT: Elizabeth Halleran, Stefanie Gignac - Banff 3 Peaks Challenge (AB, Canada) - 2017-08-05

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16h 2m 27s

My good friend Stef and I set out to complete what we dubbed, The Banff McTriple. The route is essentially the same as the Banff 3 Peak challenge which starts and finishes at The North Face store, except our start/finish was McDonalds (located only a few doors down from The North Face store on Banff Ave). My fuelling for the day started with an eggmuffin and would finish with a Big Mac Meal. We completed the peaks in the order of Cascade, Rundle and Sulphur (summitting at what I believe is known as Sulphur 2 at the top of the main trailhead, NOT Sanson's peak). We carried all of our food and water, stopping at my house between Cascade and Rundle to refuel for a solid 20+minutes. We received support (more water and food) from my friend Theo at Bow Falls between Rundle and Sulphur during another short break of ~10 minutes. We had great weather and everything went fairly smoothly, though Stef took a nasty tumble coming down from Cascade, and still managed to carry on. Our goal was to complete the route, as I wasn't sure that another person, let alone female had done it at the time. This is a great alternative to the Canmore Quad (especially for those who enjoy a little more road running) since the route involves a lot of climbing, but less technical terrain and a lot more opportunities to open up the legs on flowy trails. I think a few hours could definitely be taken off of this time.