FKT: Elizabeth Woodgate - Shoalhaven 100 Beach Challenge (NSW, Australia) - 2022-01-23

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2d 18h 43m 12s
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I'd wanted to run The 100 Beaches of the Shoalhaven for a few years now however the Bushfires of 2019 were the first roadblock.  Then came flooding followed closely by Covid lockdown.  As soon as it was possible to re-enter the parks I stared doing training runs, working on the logistics of such a distance including the options for the water crossings.

I chose to use an inflatable packraft for 4 estuary / creek crossings .  I started carrying the raft to use between Beach #2 and #3.  My husband (support person) met me after the first crossing to take the raft onto beach #14 where I used the raft a second time to cross onto beach #15.  He met me again at this beach to transport the raft only.  The third time using the raft was to cross from beach #41 to #42 and the fourth and last time between beach #56 to #57.  The total time spent paddling was less than 1 hour in total for all 4 crossings. 

Being summer, I chose to start running at 4.20 in the afternoon, intending to run through the night.  I hadn't factored in the Beecroft Penninsula was closed and couldn't gain access after 9.30pm Thursday.  Fortunately my support vehicle is a campervan so I slept on the trail until the gates opened at 4am Friday.  I also stopped to sleep in the van on the trail Friday and Saturday nights.

I ran solo the whole distance and my husband was my only support person.

Post bushfires some of the areas the tracks between beaches #76 through to #97 are very overgrown and quite indistinct in places.  I would strongly suggest anyone attempting these sections take a map, compass, have a mapping app downloaded (eg Avenza) and do not attempt these sections at night solo.

BEST long adventure running weekend ever!