FKT: Ella Bredthauer - San Mateo Peak & Blue Mountain (NM) - 2021-11-08

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7h 57m 31s

This was a really cool route in a very remote part of New Mexico, the Apache-Kid Wilderness in the Cibola National Forest. Warmer temps and low precipitation allowed me to do this route relatively late in the season. The trail climbs above 10,000 feet and usually has some snow cover in late fall. 

I completed this FKT with no help and carried all food and water I needed for the adventure.  Though, I observed that water was present at two points-- San Mateo Spring and a cistern on top of Blue Mountain (filtering is recommended for both).  

This route was far more challenging than I expected, the trail has been impacted by recent fires (June 2020) and subsequent erosion.  I definitely struggled to find the trail numerous times between San Mateo Peak and Blue Mountain. This and blowdowns made running the kinder terrain in between the 2 peaks more difficult than I expected, so this FKT consisted of lots of hiking and some running on the descents of the 2 peaks.  Overall, I enjoyed this route and would happily do it again.