FKT: Ella Bredthauer - South Turkey Creek Trail (Lake Meredith, TX) - 2022-03-14

Route variation
out & back with loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 54m 4s

I decided to try this FKT as part of a road trip to see family in Central Texas.  Lake Meredith is spot that I've never visited and offered solid trail time in the middle of lots of driving.  I completed the course on my own and carried all the food and water I needed for the adventure.

The course follows Lake Meredith for a few miles and then meanders back and forth in the brush and small hills for the remaining distance.  I would definitely agree that wintertime might be the preferred option for this trail-- it seemed like prime snake territory and has very little shade and water.

The biggest challenge of the FKT was the wind. It was howling the entire time and was there was a particularly brutal headwind along the lake sections on the return leg (Strava reported wind at 23 mi/h). Though, I'll take wind over head any day, and it makes for fun pictures to add to my FKT report.

Post adventure, I celebrated the completion of this course and PI day with the best cherry pie I could find at the nearest gas station.