FKT: Eloise Eccles - Baker Way extended (United Kingdom) - 2020-07-04

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1h 47m 0s
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I parked in a nearby lay-by on Ashton Road and ran a short 2 mile warmup to the start of the Baker Way at Delamere Station. I felt I had a decent run overall which was definitely helped by some recent recce runs of the trail. There’s always room for improvement of course, but I’m pleased with how it went. The route was a little muddy and overgrown in parts, with shoulder height crops in some fields just to add to the fun. I’m glad I chose to run the route in the direction that I did, as it was nice to get some faster miles in on the final stretch along the canal into Chester. I ran alone; just me and 3 TORQ gels. I was certainly glad for a drink when I got home and I still need to go and collect my car! I had an absolute blast!