FKT: Emelie Forsberg - Kungsleden (Sweden) - 2018-07-07

Route Variation
Standard route
Finish Date
Time (duration)
4d 21h 45m 28s

From Emelie's Facebook:

Yesterday finishing Kungsleden trail I could hardly believe I had done it! When I started to plan kungsleden I looked at distance, and the hut system and after that I planned day by day after what I thought would be possible to run, but a big big challenge. And to actually do it, to fullfill a dream, a goal was amazing. I had some really tough moments out there, but that is part of the challenge. To challenge and overcome and to see the beauty in it. 4 days and 21 hours ended the 450 km trail challenge in Hemavan.

She called it "A challenge I have dreamt of since I was a teenager." (

“FKT for me is not only about records, it’s about challenging myself in an environment I love. I find that I can often push myself more on a challenge, a summit I run up to, because I know that this is what I really want. And to do it in a light alpine environment I feel that my capacity is really strong. This kind of efforts are very rare in the women’s world so I would also like to inspire other girls to push their limits”, Emelie said.

Here's a couple articles on the trip: