FKT: Emily Monahan-Morang - Bobcat Ridge - 2022-12-04

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2h 21m 46s

Started midday, and as per CO, conditions were sunny and 50s for December. Not on any training schedule or particular shape for doing this but wanted to set an FKT for women on this route. Someone can definitely go faster. I recommend trying this route on a non-weekend day (e.g,. Horses, other hikers)

Easy route to follow as signage was clear. I doubled checked each time there was a turnoff during the route. Snow was in some sections going up incline wise, but more snow on the switchbacks going down. At least 1/3 of the route was snow/some ice. I did not bring spikes and it was doable without. Maintained about an avgerage 14min/mile going up and 11:32 min/mile going down. Brought 1 liter of water, 1 liter of Tailwind, salt tabs, and GU packs. No places to refill water as NOCO is very dry. 

Route is slightly shorter than displayed but may just be GPS differences. 

Solo and unsupported.