FKT: Emily Monahan-Morang - Otter Creek Grand Slam - 2023-08-29

Route variation
Standard route
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 24m 6s

Started fairly early for midweek with only one other car starting at this section. Overcast to start with some cool cloud inversions at the start till sunny and humid for rest of the time. Ran into tourism still despite it being midweek but this park is always crazy through the summer and fall. Mainly had issues with the Beehive summit and having to wait for some people till they could let me pass. Muddy at parks and slippery but not too bad that I had to be cautious the whole time. Had issues going up Dorr with stomaching down GU and bar with the heat and trying to conserve water + how the section is mainly stair climbing. Thought I was gonna bonk and be hiking the rest of the way but was able to rally once getting going downhill after Cadillac.

Brought 2L of water, 1L of tailwind, salt tabs, GUs and a bar. Route was slightly longer than listed according to my watch and slightly less elevation gain. Only ran into navigation issues with route with campground and summit of Cadillac with being unsure what was a the trail. Trails are very well marked though overall.