FKT: Emily Neumeier Arkens - Driftless Horse Trail, Governor Dodge State Park (WI) - 2021-05-02

Route variation
one loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 2m 54s
GPS track(s)

I used the main Horse Trial (day use) parking lot to start and finish. They had a nice bathroom and I chatted up some friendly people with their horses at the trail head. I asked what the correct trail etiquette would be if I came across other equestrians on my run, and they said to approach with my voice so they can hear me even if they can't see me right away. Basically, "Hi Horse! Beautiful day we're having! Enjoy your ride!" etc. I ran this clockwise as to be facing the oncoming horse traffic. That being said, I did not encounter a single horse on the trail. Only a few hikers and a family fishing on the lake that unfortunately did not leash their dog and it came charging at me but, thankfully didn't follow me down the trail. This trail has every kind of hill you could want! Grassy, twisty, short and punchy or long and gradual. Up, down, up down. Some gravel, some chunky rock and a little sand in some areas. It's about as much or, maybe a little more exposed than I was expecting. You go through a lot of open prairie and beautiful forest. The trail was easy to follow. It was well marked and I was thankful to pass by the Ranger Station (public tap) since I was running low on water at that point. It was a hot day for the second day of May. Very dry. I loved coming across a creek that I could cool off in. I saw a Pileated Wood Pecker, the first Oriole of the season, a Least Flycatcher and a Great Blue Heron. I was very thankful to have a lot of cold drinks in my cooler for after and a chair to sit down! I used two Spring energy, nuun, a fruit leather and a handful of apricots.