FKT: Emily Neumeier Arkens - Glacial Drumlin State Trail (WI) - 2021-03-20

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10h 45m 6s
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The weather was as dreamy as it gets to bring in the first day of spring. This was the first time for the season I had exposed skin! I have some weird tan lines now. This was my first FKT attempt with a crew and boy, was it wonderful. The first 20 miles I was alone and when I got to my friend Carla it was clear she knew me very well. She had everything set up for me. I refilled my spring energy, my nuun and water. Changed clothes as it was getting hot. Switched to sunglasses as I knew I would have the setting sun at my eyes later on. There's nothing quite like starting the day with the sunrise and finishing with it going down out on the trails. Lake Mills I had friends ready for another refill. They had the goods. Virgin Bloody Marys?! The pickle juice was a life saver. 

It was a beautiful trail. Lots of streams and ponds and water to pass by. Saw 6 deer towards the end. Only a few patches with snow left and only a few soft spots. I had run a portion of it to see how the conditions of the trails were and I was so pleased they were good to go, especially with the wind and warmth we've had last week. I started in Waukesha and ended in Cottage Grove. It took me longer than expected but, hey I got it done. I took in about 2 cliff bars, 4 spring energies, 7 salt pills and various other things like fruit leather and dates and a half a PB and J.