FKT: Emily Rexer, Rachel Deininger - Buckhorn Wilderness Loop: Mount Townsend, Hawk Peak, Iron Mountain, Buckhorn Mountain (WA) - 2022-08-21

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13h 0m 23s

My friend Rachel and I tackled this route on 2022/08/21. We carried all our food and electrolytes and filtered water along the way. 

We started at 0745, hit Silver lake about 3 hours in, and stocked up on water. We both carried 2 liters and I carried an extra .6 L in my filter. The ridge was mostly a smooth ride, but the ascent up NE Buckhorn was _rough_. With the needle-like rocks, the sliding gravel traverse, and the steep wall in front of us, we were ready to bail. Luckily, we were able to follow someone's footsteps in the sliding needle gravel and found a route up. Off of Buckhorn was a chill 8 miles on smooth trails. 

Overall, a great route. We had views of downtown Seattle, Tacoma (Rainier), and other prominent peaks around. Two-liter water capacity was barely enough, sun protection was necessary, and route-finding skills are essential.