FKT: Emma Morgan - North Worcestershire Path (United Kingdom) - 2021-05-09

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9h 22m 23s
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Set off from Major’s Green at 7am to run home to Bewdley, raising money for Cancer Research UK.  Started off in torrential rain and a lot of the route was a mud bath unfortunately!  But enjoyable nonetheless!

I split the route down into 5 stages (for my own sanity)!  Steve ran with me for stage 1 and 2; Andy for 1-3; Lou for 4&5.  At stage 5 (Eyemore Wood to Finish line) I was also joined by my 9 year old, Deb and Katie.

A little welcome committee had assembled in the rain in Bewdley which was a lovely end to a tough but enjoyable day.  I’m not sure my running shoes will ever recover!