FKT: Emmett Coughlin, Brishen Dearborn - Salmon River Trail (CT) - 2020-05-13

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52m 31s
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6 mile "lollipop" trail starting at the Comstock covered bridge on the East Hampton-Colchester line in Connecticut, United States. The trail follows the Salmon River upstream to the North and winds up a steep incline to the beginning of the loop portion. The trail then leads East to Day pond and along Day pond brook back to the fork. From there the trail heads back down the ridge to the Salmon river and the Comstock bridge.
The attempt began with three athletes, Brishen Dearborn, Ben Lanza, and myself Emmett Coughlin. We ran without external support and minimal gear (shoes and watch). Brishen and myself finished together and Ben was close behind in 53:32.