FKT: Eric Harbeck - Cannon and Kinsmans Loop (NH) - 2020-09-06

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3h 25m 44s

Took me a while to finally post this run.

I guess I never realized just how many people are out hiking on Labor Day weekend until this run. Boy there were a lot of people. Decided to wear a mask because of this fact, moving it up and down as I approached and passed people along the trail. Absolutely beautiful day. Last time I was out here I did the route in reverse without tagging Cannon so it was nice to finally get that peak off the list but dang, this route it rugged despite it being relatively short. Really pushed on the first ascent as to get a quick lead because I knew I would crash towards the end. The climb up Hi-Cannon lived up to it's reputation as being a steep and fairly technical climb. The ladder section was by fair the best part on this climb. Views of Lafayette were spectacular! The descent from Cannon to N. Kinsman was extreme and tech-nic-al.....between navigating people and rocky terrain, I don't think my legs have taken a more worthy beating. The climb up to N. Kinsman was tough to say the least. My legs were tired and it started to show. Took a longer than anticipated rest on the N. Kinsman summit, spoke to some hikers for a bit then started the descent/climb to S. Kinsman. Rolled my left ankle on the descent and legs started to feel the cramps creeping in. Didn't spend much time at the cairn summit marker and headed back towards N. Kinsman. Again, cramps were noticeable. Took it fairly easy on the return. Fishin' Jimmy Trail has a completely different feel doing down than I remember going up. Rolled my right ankle on this descent but pressed on. Really wanted to hit it on the down but between the feel of pending cramps, tired legs and rolled ankles, I decided not to. Lots of hikers still. Reached Lonesome Lake, found a hat, further down the trail, found the owner of the hat and joyfully found my way back from where I began this crazy journey. Celebrated with soaking my tired legs in the cold stream. 

Excellent route, great trail and many great but brief conversations with happy hikers. I carried all my food and water on this attempt, probably didn't eat as much as I should have. I believe I had about 2L of water (500mL of Nuun water), 1 honey stinger wafer, 1 pack of Clif blocs and a couple mouthfuls of Gu (Gu was at the start). 

PS: I suggest you get to the trailhead early in the day otherwise you will need to run in like I did. #Protip