FKT: Eric Harbeck - Lake Sunapee Circumnavigation (NH) - 2020-10-31

Route variation
Standard Loop
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Finish date
Total time
5h 39m 1s

Wanted to end the year of FKT attempts with a bang. Had to change up my intended run from Cross Rivendell Trail to this spectacular route. Thanks to all those who went before me and set some great times. This trip was an unsupported effort. I carried about 2L of water, refilled .5L at one point but didn't finish all I had. I also did not eat nearly as much as I should have. Never honestly felt the urge until about 2pm. This may have added to the wonky legs I struggled with for the last 10 miles.

This route is just great. Following trail for the majority of the first half then some really awesome road for the second, it brings you varying terrain and best of all, vert! I felt good for the first 9 or so miles or until I hit the summit of Mount Sunapee. This is when I noticed I may have been driving too hard but I was trying to keep up with the overall FKT pace. The mileage difference between watch and phone was challenging for I really wasn't sure what I was at for miles/pace. Regardless, I hit the downhill and started to noticed the effects the snow/leaf cover was having. It was a sliding match down the mountain, waited for some large groups of hikers to go by and finally reached Newbury Harbor. The road section here was great as I continued to follow the SRKG. Almost missed a turn back into the woods after Bly Cemetery but luckily looked at my navigation and noticed it before I went too far. Slide down a steep section of trail after this and left calf instantly cramped up. It wasn't until I stood back up and on it that the cramp subsided. Fatigue started to settle in and the legs were quickly fading. Trudged through the rest of the run despite being depleted and cramps trying to settle in again. It was a walk/run sort of last 5-7 miles but I made it to the end only 18 minutes behind the overall FKT leader.

I recommend this route to anyone looking to challenge themselves or to try out their first ultra. Really has such a great variety and plenty of spots to refuel if need be.