FKT: Eric Harbeck - Northern Rail Trail (NH) - 2020-05-09

Route variation
Standard route
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Finish date
Total time
10h 48m 14s

I had intended to run this route about a year ago and made the decision to run it on this day due to my graduation ceremony being postponed until the Fall because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I decided that I would commemorate this day by challenging myself and testing my limits. The day could not have been stranger weather wise as I experienced snow for a good portion of the day, sun and some mighty wind gusts. Perhaps this fact helped save me in the end for I never one felt hot or dehydrated. I carried all food and water and honestly only ate perhaps 30% of my food and stopped twice for additional water refills (one by filtering and another by filling the soft flasks directly). Pacing myself from the start really helped for I typically struggle with cramps. On this day, I only experienced perhaps 1 significant bout midway and a few minor bouts throughout the remainder of the run. I was quite pleased with this and also with my ending time. It was a grueling task making it past the 50K mark and perhaps more so in those last 9.6 miles. I am pleased I made it through and look forward to what new adventures I stumble across in the future.