FKT: Eric Wickland, Nick Coury, Jamil Coury, Dominic Grossman - Backbone Trail (CA) - 2009-12-18

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
15h 7m 0s

Jimmy Dean Freeman posted:

Eric Wickland, Nick Coury, Jamil Coury & Dominic Grossman

As Jamil said, I pulled out at Mile 51. I had run the FULL Backbone previously and wasn't looking to see IF I could FINISH the thing, I was looking to help the group go FAST and had become a liability. Some days, just not your day. The time is very doable, as we were only going as fast as the slowest of the 5 guys, which was me about 75% of the time.

Congrats to the guys on an amazing day! The weather was perfect, trails had dried out from the previous week's rains, and it was a blast. It was a supported run since we had surprise support late in the run. Thanks to Howard Cohen, Jonathan Stewart and Faye Clapp. We also had an awesome crew START the run with us.

The last couple of weeks have been crazy and I was waiting on the splits so here we go...

5:22am START (at BBT trailhead)
Will Rogers State Park to Dead Horse Parking lot
7:42am arrival at Deadhorse
1,725 gain / 1,125 loss

Dead Horse Trail Parking lot to Stunt and Schueren Road
5-miles (18.3-mile total)
9:15am arrival at Stunt
1,770 gain / 150 loss

Stunt Road at Saddle Rocks to Las Virgenes Road / Piuma Road   7.3-miles (25.6-mile total)
10:30am arrival at Las Virgenes
310 gain / 2,240 loss

Las Virgenes Road / Tapia Park to Corral Canyon
6-miles (31.6-mile total)
12:05pm arrival at Corral Canyon
1,600 gain / 75 loss

Corral Canyon Parking Lot to Kanan Road at Newton Canyon Tunnel parking lot
6.5-miles (38.1-mile total)
1:20pm arrival at Kanan Road
400 gain / 560 loss

Kanan Road Newton Canyon / Zuma Canyon  Trailhead To Mulholland Drive
5.5-miles (43.6-mile total)
2:55pm arrival at Mulholland Drive
600 gain / 160 loss

Mulholland Highway to Mishe Mokwa (via new trail established 2006)
8.1-miles (51.7-mile total)
4:33pm arrival at Mishe Mokwa
770 gain / 600 loss

Mishe Mokwa to Sycamore Canyon (via Sandstone Peak, Old Boney Trail)
8.2-miles (58.9-mile total)
6:43pm arrival in Sycamore Canyon
650 gain / 2,500 loss

Sycamore Canyon to La Jolla Canyon (via Wood Canyon Vista, Overlook and Ray Miller Trails)
8.4-miles (67.3-mile total)
8:29pm arrival at La Jolla Canyon
800 gain / 965 loss 

Total Miles (est.): 68.3 (including mile to Backbone start, 67.3-miles on Backbone trail)

Photo link to come later...