FKT: Eric Yan - Broken Top Loop (OR) - 2020-10-03

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4h 19m 3s
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My first time out here and I loved it. There were generous views of the Three Sisters going clockwise. Kept it easy for the first 6 miles and the remaining miles were fairly relaxed and steady. I took a wrong turn around 2 miles in and had to backtrack. The section north of Broken Hand was hard to follow so it was slow going around there. On my way out to No Name Lake, I slammed my left knee into a boulder. No other spills. 

I packed way more than enough. The day's objective was to practice hauling heavy stuff for longer unsupported efforts. I had a 2 liter bladder, two 16 oz flasks, a 20 oz flask, four fruit pouches, six Spring Energy gels, and three Honey Stinger waffles. There were several water spots so if I do this again, I will pack much lighter and filter water along the way.