FKT: Erin Good - Myrtle Peak (ID) - 2022-08-20

Route variation
Up & Down
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Total time
1h 41m 11s


As noted by Leah, the first mile is quite overgrown and requires some bushwhacking but pretty straightforward. It rained a bit overnight so my shoes, socks, and shorts were soaked within the first two minutes. First two miles are pretty unrelenting "up", and then sweet relief of some actual running in the third mile. Views from the top were obscured by smoke from the nearby Eneas Peak fire. Spent a few moments at the summit taking photos and then turned around. I headed down at a very relaxed pace as my left quad and glutes are still pretty weak. I'm certain this round-trip time could be easily crushed by someone with two full-working knees :) I underwent left knee ACL reconstruction in April and I am incredibly proud of my recovery - so freaking grateful I am able to be out on the trails only a few months after a pretty devastating injury & surgery. Love the Selkirks and so excited to see this on the map.