FKT: Erin Ton - Greyrock Mtn (CO) - 2023-05-20

Route variation
any route, up & down
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Total time
1h 16m 18s
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Greyrock Mountain Women's Unsupported FKT. I had hiked/ ran/ scrambled Greyrock twice before, so I was generally familiar with the route. I did end up making a couple wrong turns up top near the scrambly section that cost me a minute or so. Because of all the moisture we have been receiving, one of the ponds up top was also covering the trail which disoriented me for a moment. Before me, the Strava segment for Greyrock RT on the trail was 1:51:41 and the segment for the scrambly route was 1:27:14, so 1:27:14 was the time to beat! I decided to stick to the trail, however, because it was what I was familiar with even though scrambling would have been more direct. Started watch at the trailhead parking lot across the street, but the segment starts across the bridge at the official trailhead. No food/ water needed. It probably wasn't the smartest idea to go for the FKT with all the smoke from Canadian wildfires... oh well. Overall, happy with effort.