FKT: Erin Ton - Manitou Incline (CO) - 2024-01-17

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11h 22m 22s
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This was my first time on the Manitou Incline ever! I think my blissful naiveté actually helped in this scenario. Man that thing is steeep! Going into this, my main goal was a big training day with a lot of vert before I climb Pico de Orizaba next month. In addition, I also wanted to practice fueling between each lap, as that has been my biggest issue historically. I started out at a consistent, steady pace, averaging 45 minute laps for the first 4 laps. I was surprised by my first times up the Incline, and I am now curious how fast I could get up it if I went all out. For the purposes of the Inclinathon, however, I knew that I had to pace myself for the day. 

I brought a box with food/ water/ extra layers and placed that at the base of the Incline. I wore the Kahtoola microspikes for the entire effort. While there were some dry stairs down low, I found it inefficient to take them on/ off every lap. I am glad I wore them because they made it so that I did not have to think about slipping on the descents. 

My biggest takeaway from this experience was the strength of the Incline community. I was lucky to meet so many of the local legends who climb the Incline everyday- if not multiple times a day! Thank you to everybody who cheered me on out there!