FKT: Evan Dolecki - Bear Mountain (CT) - 2020-04-05

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2h 11m 44s
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Started at the Route 44 parking space in Salisbury, CT where the AT intersects the road. I proceeded to follow the AT up and over Lions Head and Bear Mountain. Descending Bear Mountain I took the Paradise Ln Trail which looped back around to the AT where I proceeded to follow the AT back to the car. The route is approximately 14.75 miles according to my GPS watch, but I tacked on the extra .25 to make it 15 miles at the end by following the AT a bit Southbound at the Route 44 Intersection. Overall this is a great route wit approximately 3,000 feet of vertical gain. I think my time, without adding the extra .25 at the end to make it 15 for the day, was around 2:25-2:26.

Note:  Since Evan ran more than the FKT route, we estimated his time from Strava.  It could be off by ~20s or so.