FKT: Evan Molineux - Iron Horse Regional Trail (CA) - 2020-06-19

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one way
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2h 59m 48s

Started at about 6:30am. Pro tip for anyone trying this run, on a hot day definitely start earlier. The section from San Ramon to Dublin has very little shade and is all at the end when the sun is fully up. Did the first ten at tempo pace to see if I would push on for the rest or ease back, felt my hamstring tighten up so I pulled back to base pace for the rest. The major issue with this route is all the lights, I was getting stuck at everything in Dublin. I kept my watch running and it was adding minutes to miles, another good reason to start earlier! This is still a really fun route, especially going from Walnut Creek through Danville you get lots of tree cover on the trail. Plus it’s a pretty straight shot without a lot of turns. Will hopefully do it again and cut the time down further. 


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Congrats! I want to see your time going northbound....