FKT: Felix Arizona - Appalachian Trail: Lehigh Gap to Delaware Water Gap (PA) - 2020-09-19

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9h 31m 10s

This was just a long run for me that had significance so I went north starting on the south side of the lehigh and ending in jersey at the bottom of the ramp. It was important for me to cross both rivers. I did not know this was an fkt route at the time so my time is actually from the two points above. Once in Jersey I lapped my watch and ran to the ranger station to meet my ride. I know this does not matter much but will make my files make more sense...

I took my time from the next to last lap. This marks when I lapped the watch after the bridge, the last lap was to the ranger station.

Everything went very well until my phone died. I ended up having to ask some folks to use their phone to have my wife meet me at the end. Other than that very nice day, relaxed pace and lots of rocks. I went off trail before wolf rocks because there was a sign mentioning a spring. That spring ended up being dry and I wasted a good bit of time searching that area for water. I ended up giving up, going back and resupplying water at Kirkridge shelter's (I believe) water source. I think that was around mile thirty but thanks to the cold weather and easy pace I still did have gatoraide at that time. 

On Mt Minsi I used a phone to call my wife and thats about all. Since my phone died early on I did not get many photos but took several chances to go to overlooks and anything that caught my eye. It was a very relaxing day trip that ended up being an fkt for now. 


Nice job on your unsupported FKT, Felix!! Congratulations.