FKT: Finbarr Murphy - 3x Green Mtn. - High Watch Preserve (NH) - 2021-06-26

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2h 7m 0s
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Low hanging fruit here to get an FKT. Parked at High Watch, up to top, down Dearborn to the car park, back up and then climbed Fire Tower (didn't take camera, but I have the bump on my head to prove it). Over to Libby, and hit the Hanson Spur on the way down. Hit the gate, then back up to top and down High Watch to my car. Unsupported, had a hand held and a hydro belt.

This is a soft time. I was not feeling it on Dearborn, left a few minutes on the course there in both directions. Targeted under 2 hours, wasn't to be today.

All in though, nice route. Sheltered and quiet. Passed 3 people only (excluding the two hikers sleeping in hammocks above the stream on Libby).