FKT: Flaviano Bianchini - Sentiero Frassati delle Marche (Italy) - 2023-01-15

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 5m 3s

The track starts in the village of San Geronzio, just outside Cagli. It cross the entire Monte Catria until the beautiful monastery of Fonte Avellana. 

The track is poorly marked and poorly maintained, there are a lot of fallen trees on the track and a few landslides. Some part is very technical and require good orientation skills although, if you have some experience, you will find your way. 

It is hard to properly run for most of the time. I think the time can be beaten if properly organized and studied. Go and enjoy it!! :-) 

I did it unsupported, there are two water source along the track and that is more than enough (especially in winter). At the Monastery there is more water and food and everything you need.