FKT: Fran Zelenitz - Tahoe Rim Trail (CA) - 2020-06-27

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4d 5h 51m 0s

On June 23, 2020 at 6:50 am MST, I started the Tahoe Rim Trail going clockwise from Tahoe City, unsupported. I finished on June 27, 2020 at 12:41 pm MST. I mostly fast hiked with an occasional jog.I also kept to daylight hours as I was unfamiliar with the trail and terrain of the Sierras. I carried all of my food for the entire loop and started with water. I only filled up my water in creeks, lakes, and by melting snow when in desperation. There was already minimal water because it was a low snow year which was difficult for hydration as for some reason I chose a very hot few days to do the trail––upwards of mid 90's––and there was huge mileage without any water sources so conserving water was my biggest issue. The amount of food I packed was enough with leftovers as, coming from Montana, my biggest fear was running out of food! There were more mosquitoes than I could have imagined. However, the trail was beautiful and although I did have to navigate more than I assumed I would, especially when the trail combines with the PCT, it was well worth the adventure!