FKT: Gary Lampman - Quehanna Trail (PA) - 2020-04-05

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20h 24m 17s

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This was a solo run on the beautiful Quehanna Trail Loop and my first attempt at a FKT. Started at 6:06am on 4/4/20 at Lost Run Road Access Point and I arrived at that point after completing the loop at 2:30:17am on on 4/5/20. This is an awesome trail system and I would encourage folks to get out there and hike or run it!

Since all my races were cancelled I got an idea in my head to try doing the Quehanna Trail. I’ve seen some other folks(Eric Kosek-Idiot) doing FKT’s and checked into it for this trail and saw the current time was 34hrs-40min for unsupported.
The weather looked good for this weekend so I decided to give it a shot. I packed everything I thought I would need in my vest(had way too much)and drove to Lost Run Access point, where I had chose to start, because it allowed me a bail out option at the 32 mile point if things weren’t going well. After some issues getting the tracking working so Kathy could see where I was, I got going. The first 50 miles or so went pretty well. The later miles my eating dropped off and so did my pace. The battery in my watch died about 2 miles from the finish. I had to stop and charge it to complete the course.
I calculate the time at 20hrs-10min, about 74 miles and around 10,000 feet of gain. All in all it was a great day in the mountains! I’ll submit the info to the FKT site and see if it’s accepted. I’m sure my time will be bettered soon(a good runner could crush this course!)and that’s great. I would encourage people to get out there do it.
Thanks Kathy, Nona and Bob for coming out for the finish in the middle of the night. It was a great surprise and much appreciated! And I didn’t have to end up sleeping in my car!!


Thinking of attempting this trail, any words of wisdom?