FKT: Geoff Burns - Historic Gold Camp Road (CO) - 2022-07-30

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3h 53m 6s
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Got started in Victor at 8:10:03 am. A beautiful day with the dirt nicely packed, post-rain, on the road. Carried a pack with water and gels as well as two handhelds for water. Moved well through the day. Pretty calm with little wind and almost no traffic. Kept it relaxed, and then gave some gas for the final 20 km once I realized going under four hours was reasonable. No real issues through any of it, with the exception of some confusion around the final tunnel of the non-vehicular section that's closed off to through-traffic (Tunnel 3). Found the bypass around it after stopping for a second and continued on. Rolled down through the rest of the way and stopped the watch at the sign at the GC/High/Bear Creek intersection at 12:03:09 am. A joy to pass that route on foot and carry the gold of good fitness back to the Springs.