FKT: Gerrit Van Ommering - PA Appalachian Trail (PA) - 2022-05-21

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5d 13h 39m 0s

I did an unsupported FKT across the PA section of the Appalachian Trail.

I packed in all my own food from the start and resupplied on water from creeks and streams. I slept in/near trail shelters or on the trail. I packed out all my trash.

No one accompanied or spectated me. I did NOT use trail magic. I used a Somewear Tracker for verification.

Day 1: Delaware Water Gap to George W Outerbridge Shelter 

Day 2: Outerbridge Shelter to Trail Stop short of Eagle's Nest Shelter

Day 3: Trail Stop to Rausch Shelter

Day 4: Rausch Shelter to Cove Mountain Shelter

Day 5: Cove Mountain Shelter to Trail Stop short of Tom's Run shelter

Day 6: Trail Stop to Finish


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Congratulation! Awesome to finally see the bar set on PA’s section of the AT, and thanks for the report.