FKT: Giff Walters - Sidewinder Trail (CO) - 2019-11-02

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
2h 50m 51s

In researching the route the fastest documented time I uncovered was from a 2018 group run by Chris Price, Cory Meaker and Graham Trenda clocking in at 3 hours 39 min 58 sec (

Trip report:

Set out to push myself on the Sidewinder Trail today. It is a beautiful, easy to follow, technical and diverse 20 mile singletrack trail that traverses the Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area in Western Colorado. Researching the route it appears the fastest time on record was from Chris Price on a group run clocking in at 3hrs 27min. In posting this as an FKT I am hoping to highlight some of the amazing trails on our side of the state and to establish a time to see what others can do. I redlined it the best I could today in 2hrs 51 min 50s (solo unsupported). It was a bit snowy, but temperatures were perfect. The climb up the Eagle Valley Trail at the beginning is wild and the views of the San Juan Mountains, Grand Mesa and Uncompahgre Plateau are top notch. Thanks to @apollo_y_fen_doodles for the shuttle and daily support. Thanks to @midpacklife
for hanging around to see me at the finish. .